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Whether your looking for a Mobile Disco to provide you with your perfect wedding, a DJ to spin the tunes for your guests all night, or a host to entertain the crowd and lead whatever night your hosting, theres pretty much nothing we cant cater for..

Check out what we have to offer....

Mobile Disco


Sounds International Disco have been established since 1962 and we have over many years in the music and entertainment industry. Starting out small, doing disco for friends and family, we quickly gained recognition and recommendations quickly followed. Thats not including the World Wide Club work....


Following the times of and the evolution of LED and Audio technology, Sounds International Disco have followed the latest trends to make sure that your celebration and events is one to remember. Sounds International Disco only use industry standard equipement from Pioneer DJ equipement to ADJ Lighting


Our experience tells us that you need reassurance, not only that you have booked a quality wedding DJ, but one that will keep everyone entertained until you finally leave for your honeymoon to reflect on an amazing day.

Choosing a specialist wedding DJ should be a two way process.  Your Wedding DJ needs to understand your vision of how your perfect day will unravel and be remembered as a truly unforgettable day.

Wedding Dance
Kids Parties

Our parties are crammed full of excitement and fun from start to finish! Our children's parties are the perfect party entertainment for kids birthday parties, teenage parties, seasonal parties (easter, summer, halloween, christmas), leaving parties, school discos, corporate events, fetes, christenings and much more!

Special Events


We know how difficult it can be to host an event, especially if your new into the game. Sounds International Disco have years of experience in helping promoters and event organisors to help promote and establish their event.


Whether your a club owner or promoter hoping to establish a successful club night, a boxing or MMA fight night organizer or someone juts needing some extra help to organizer an event...we can help.

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Quiz Hosting


Eveyone love a quiz night...

But we do things a little differently here... We dont just stand at the corner of the bar, asking random questions (unless that what you wnat us to do) we take centre stage and ensure you have almost everyone involved.

We host a number of different types of quiz from your good old fashioned weekly pub quizzes to the brand new 'Speed Quizes' which involves using your own smartphone or tablet...

We can also provide 'Rock and Roll Bingo'... a musical twist on your favorite bingo game. 

Whatever it is, how often you want it, we can help to make your night a real success

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